Reducing Complexity in OTC Clearing

We are developing solutions for the OTC Clearing market place that will lead to reductions in cost, complexity and operational inefficiencies for market participants.

We are proud to announce MyCCP, the next generation OTC Derivative Clearing platform that is being designed and purpose built from the ground up for OTC Clearing Houses. We aim to create a platform that enables Clearing Houses to gain competitive advantage by reducing their total cost of ownership.

Our goal is to build a solution that compared to existing solutions:

We believe that existing solutions are complex and extremely expensive to run and change. This is primarily because existing solutions are heavily customised versions of general purpose OTC trading platforms. By creating a more targeted solution we aim to avoid 'software and feature bloat', and provide a lean and agile solution that can meet the needs of the OTC clearing industry.

MyCCP is under active development and a release date has not yet been published. Some components of MyCCP have been Open Sourced at OpenRedukti. If you would like a demo of the current product features please contact us at the address below.
Currently the product supports Interest Rate Swaps and Fras. OIS, Zero Coupon, Basis and Compounded swaps are supported. We are working on adding support for Classic Repos.
Yes, please see the Technical Overview document. Please also visit our our blog page where we intend to publish articles discussing various technical aspects in more detail.
The product will be available under a commercial license. We have open sourced the core C++ pricing library at OpenRedukti project.

REDUKTI is led by Dibyendu Majumdar, who until the summer of 2016, worked at LCH's SwapClear Interest Rates Derivative Clearing service, where he delivered a number of key initiatives, including the ClearLink API introduced in 2011 for client clearing, the multi award winning SMART API and SMART Desktop applications, and LCH Spider, SwapClear's portfolio margining solution. Dibyendu also made significant contributions to redesigning the multi-lateral compression service for TriOptima and SwapClear to make it work in the context of real-time clearing.

Please visit our blog page for additional information. We aim to publish regular articles discussing various aspects of the MyCCP platform.